5 Dream Nail polish one should have in this life!

5 Dream Nail polish


We tend to care a lot for fashion where we indulge ourselves only in outfits and shoes while leaving behind the smallest but the most glamourous beauty that comes from classy, rich nails behind

Bringing here 5 dream nail polish one should buy at least once in their lifetime and cherish the charm through their everyday work, chores, etc.


Smith & Cult, “Ice Tears”


A full coverage, ultimate shine and hint of glitter with a metallic shade of dark blue, hint of green and purple. This whole shade is heavenly as the name sounds.

Their nail polishes are vegan, cruelty free and produced with

8- formula, leaving healthy, long lasting and ultimate shiny nails behind!

Why go spend thousands on salon when you yourself can coat your nails into rich fineness in the most magical shade.

ILNP, “Secret Society”

 Holographic shade in a beige base centering a light pink charming shimmer. Beige holo nails themselves are unique to exist as they give out a nude base yet elegant glam. Just light shimmering nails, having a fairy vibe all around stands out as a must wear nailpolish for an evening glam.

They be leaving no secrets for a Secret Society’s beauty!

ILNP brand itself proclaims to work on perfection leaving no complaints behind and making all their customers a fan of their company, surely that cannot be disagreed!

Chanel Le Vernis, “Rouge Puissant”

Chanel itself is a fine rich company of elegance and glam, keeping everything around classy.

Why this shade stands out the most?

This gives out a dramatic look, formulated with Bioceramics and Ceramides keeping the nail healthy and improvising the nail teaxture. It’s the boldest shade of red, not just any red but the class and richness of every coat is what makes it more glamorous, leaving no exceptions behind!

Sally Hansen Color Therapy, “In My Element”

The renowned beauty brand, Sally Hansen already stands out as no. 1 brand to sell quality nailpolish of all the time. Just the richness and the applicator itself provides a salon finish touch

This royal shade is a hit or miss, its metallic shade having a soft hint of shimmer rather than being all glittery is what makes it so dreamy . Starting from a very alluring packaging, wide applicator for easy coating and enriched with argan oil keeping nails hydrated, couldn’t be a better nail colour therapy brought by their company.

Dior Vernis Wonderland 575

The nailpolish itself comes in a lovely box and a pouch making it more giftable while putting a big smile on everyone’s face.

Smooth application and highly saturated, finishing off with a glossy light yet vibrant pink shade with full coverage having an easy applicator. This shade is perfect to put on for holidays, picnics,a date day or anywhere to put a long lasting impression as your small hand gestures say a lot about yourself and the colours you vibe with.

Keeping the charm and gloss of the fine finish of the nail polish inspired by the Dior wardrobe is what makes this shade and nailpolish worth the shot and something to put in your collection.



Thus the 5 dream shades to own or add in your collection if you weren’t aware of it all along and we are glad for you to come across us and we could make your time worth it. Keep an eye for more!








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