Daddy, I love you and I always will

Daddy, I love you

Daddy, I love you, and I always will

 I awake every morning to begin another day,
However, the agony of losing you never fades.
I approach the things I need to do,

What’s more, as the days pass, I think again of you.
Now I know that I have no choice.
For you are not here with me anymore,

 and now my heart cries every single day.
To see you once more for the last time, to tell you goodbye.
Want to say, “Daddy, I love you, and I always will,”
I hope that quite a bit of you in me, you’ve implanted.
The day that you left, I didn’t have a clue.
I asked mum, but she was crying too,
I didn’t know what happened and what to do.

And, now, the entirety of my memories of you are so precious,
Wish I can tell you how I miss you and wish you were here.
where should I hide now when I have to cry?
Sometimes I realize all will be well.

Someday, I’ll see you again with stories to tell
how I managed myself without you and how we have grown
If I could have just one more day or minute and
faiths did come true,
I’d spend every magnificent moment
side by side with you.
I miss you, Daddy

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By rinrainbow


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