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How Can I Become An Innovative Person?

How Can I Become An Innovative Person?

We hear the word “innovation” a lot, and sometimes it’s hard to believe what people mean when they use this buzzword. Those of us who are creative and have new knowledge that our chances of being successful are better than those who don’t have these skills and traits. This may be why so many people want to learn how to come up with new ideas.

It looks good on a resume, and most job postings do have a phrase or two like “looking for an innovative self-starter” or “self-motivated and creative.” Let’s talk a little bit about innovation and see if you can figure out how to rebrand yourself as someone who is known for being innovative.

Innovation is nothing more than putting together observations and ideas from other fields.

Many people who have thought about it for a long time know that most good innovations in any given field come from taking ideas or parts of ideas from other fields or sectors. Most creative people I know agree that this is how most of their new ideas come to them. If this is true, we don’t need to teach innovation at all. Instead, we need more polymaths and people with a lot of experience in a lot of different fields.

Unfortunately, that would mean that all of the “Innovation Gurus” would be out of work and teaching very few seminars. This is because their students wouldn’t be ready to use the methods taught or have enough knowledge to be a future contenders in the top ranks of innovators until they had more experience in more areas of life and work.

The scary thing about this theory of recombining ideas to create innovation is that it’s pretty easy to teach, and if that’s the case, anyone can do it. Maybe that’s why everyone is trying to specialise in this general category of “innovation coach” today. Once someone has experience, knowledge, and knows how to use information from one area in another, they can become innovators, or at least be good at the most common kind of innovation.

If you’ve played sports, you might be able to use some of the strategies and tactics you used to win to improve a product or sell a service at work. You might have had a short job over the summer and now realise that some of the things you learned there could be useful at the place where you work or volunteer now.

You might use a tool in the kitchen that could also help you at work if you just changed it a little bit. Now is your chance to try something new. Take it. Think about it often and from the start.



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