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Learn How to Protect Your POWER!

Learn How to Protect Your POWER!

Every woman has a BOX, which is a vessel that holds your female power and energy, as well as encasing your particular qualities and abilities into a position of prominence and worth protecting. Your BOX is your power, and you must abandon the old adage of “thinking outside the box” in order to learn how to think inside your BOX!

You may recall instances when you allowed things into your BOX that were not good for you, and you may need to learn how to defend your BOX from people who will not treat it with gentle, loving care. This book will show you that every woman has a BOX, and many women give their BOX away a lot, thus it’s critical for women to learn healthy, productive strategies to protect their BOX.

Reading this essay will teach you that your BOX is capable of astonishing things, some of which you may be aware of and some of which may surprise you!

This is due to the fact that your BOX is the centre of your own being; a living, breathing microcosm of all the people, places, experiences, likes, dislikes, values, needs, wants, secrets, and passions that comprise your genuine self, and which ultimately comprise the magnificence of YOU!

No one has a BOX quite like yours, just like your fingerprint, because yours is unique and contains everything you’ve ever placed in it, both good and terrible, up to this point in your life.

Each chapter will build on the previous one, beginning with me asking you to hold up a mirror to your BOX to see what you’ve been gathering all these years! You could be astonished at what’s in there and decide to get rid of some of that poisonous trash by learning how to clean out your “Litter BOX.” This is a critical step in preparing the area for you to begin filling your “Jewelry BOX” with all of the valuables that make you sparkle and shine!

This is when you will discover the true worth of your BOX by making better decisions that increase your self-“worth.” You will not only learn more about your BOX, but you will also realise that everyone, including men, has a BOX and will discover ways for coping with the “Male-BOX!” This chapter is a must-read for every woman who has a kid, brother, significant other, or employer who she wants to understand better.

If you have ever experienced actual trauma to your BOX, there is a chapter for you to aid in your recovery and healing so that you may learn how critical it is to truly find ways to “guard your BOX” once and for all! When you finish this book, you can tie a large bow around your BOX because it will be the nicest present you can give yourself!

You will discover that your BOX is capable of numerous magical feats, and the ability to safeguard your BOX is yours!



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