We are the soldier of War

We are the soldier of War

We are the soldier of War

Yes, to protect my motherland

Who are we fighting with

Yes, that’s my cousin’s brother

Didn’t we have dinner together last summer

my dear cousin

Yes, I pour my best wine into your glass

Gave you the best Hrudka cheese.

And yet you are fighting against me.

why do you want to take my home?

You are an unwanted guest to me right now

Go back to your mother or to your wife or to your loved ones.

Peace is a simple word, yes peace

Your snoring of bombs is taking away my peace

Your flying birds are shattering my house windows

Your mechanical war dogs are crashing my beautiful backyard garden

If you come in peace, I may share the vegetable with you with some nice dressing

But without peace, you are nothing but an unwanted guest.

collected from-magazineup.com

By colorofpoem

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